銀 椀 に 雪 を 盛 り




Xuesheng Ma uses poetic and abstract visual language as a metaphor for expressing the passing moment. Her works relate to the concepts of animistic and fleeting natural phenomena, which is an aesthetic experience that exists in eastern texts. She seeks to interpret this transcendent language definition through her work in contemporary photography.

Her work addresses humanity's waning relationship with the elements. The images imply a longer, deeper gentle sadness and sensitivity to things passing, which reflects on “mono no aware(物の哀れ)” in Japanese phrase meaning reverence for nature and appreciation for the transience of things.

Xuesheng Ma’s work has been exhibited at UK,France, Japan, Netherlands.


2022             MFA Photography. University for the Creative Arts. UK
2020             BA Photography. Nihon University College of Art. Japan

Un_asked. Brew-Tang. Manchester. UK. 2023
Fresh and Wild. South Hill Park. Bracknell. UK. 2022
‘Tokeru: the bygone days’. Fine Liquids Art Gallery. London. UK. 2022
ART POINT Selection. Gallery Art Point. Tokyo. Japan. 2022
Unasked. Paddy Mullin’s Irish Pub. Arles. France. 2022
Free Range. Truman Brewery. London. UK. 2022
In Translation. Linear Gallery. Farnham. UK. 2022
Self Carving. Lightbox Gallery. Woking. UK. 2022
SICF22. SPIRAL. Minami Aoyama. Tokyo. Japan. 2021
Ego. Lightbox Gallery. Woking. UK. 2021
Noorderlicht International Photo Festival. Old Sugar Factory, Groningen.Netherlands. 2021

University for the Creative Arts

8th International Marianne Brandt Award, 2022
15th Edition the selection of 30 Under 30 Women Photographers / 2024

      © Xuesheng Ma